Say Yes! I’m ready to be the badass business creator that’s creating a thriving business!

What if I told you that it’s possible to build your business online, and generate consistent clients?

What would it be like for you to finally grow your business, and be on the path of quitting your 9-5?

What if this can be your new reality in the next 12 weeks?

Yes, beautiful, this is possible for you with my new program Badass Business Creators!


Imagine ....

Having consistent clients that show up to buy your offers without underselling your offer

Being visible, showing up confidently on video, and being the magnet your ideal clients can’t wait to pay!

Posting your content with a clear message that allows your ideal client to take action and scream OH Yes! I’m in!

Receiving consistent income, no longer worried about how you’ll pay your bills

Instituting a sales strategy that works! The cricket effect - no longer applies



Tell me if this sounds like your current reality?

  • You’re tired of posting your offers day in and day out no one is signing up
  • You don’t know where to find your ideal clients
  • It’s been a while since you’ve generated consistent income in your business 
  • You’ve sent people to your website, sent a ton of emails, given more than enough value and only thing happening is the cricket effect

Listen to me love, it really doesn’t have to be this hard! 

You’re just missing the key ingredients you'll receive in Badass Business Creators that will change your business

Hi! I’m Grace Covington.

I can relate to what you are going through in your business.

I struggled for years and spent countless hours wondering what I was doing wrong, why no one would take action on anything I was offering.

I remember almost quitting and I felt like I just couldn’t do it anymore. 

My transformation came when invested in myself, and did the intense inner work of exposing everything that was stopping me from generating consistent clients and consistent income.

This lead me to creating a strategic, simple process that will helps you generate consistent income & consistent clients with ease.

I'm so ready to teach you this simple, easy process!

Badass Business Creators is a 12 week 1:1 coaching program that’s designed to accelerate your business growth.

This one of a kind program packed with value, an effective strategic approach that facilitates you to generate consistent income & consistent clients with ease.

I’ll have my eyes on your business and have laser focus on what you are creating.

  • You’ll be showing up like a boss babe!
  • You’ll know what content to post that will have your clients saying sign me up even before you launch!
  • By the end of this course you’ll be so irresistible, to your ideal client, and will never have to undersell your offers again

I’m glad you asked!

If you’re struggling to gain consistent clients and have not been generating consistent income, this one of a kind program is for you.

Here’s how to tell if you should sign up...

Are you tired of sending people to your website, posting your offers, and still no action?

Have you struggled showing up on social media and don’t know how to change this?

Don’t know how to write content that converts to sales?

You are overwhelmed and have no idea how you are going to gain consistent clients?

Does any of this sound familiar? I understand with a few easy changes (you’ll receive in my course) all of this will change for you.

  • You’ll be signing on new clients with ease.
  • Writing content that easily converts to sales.
  • Have a step by step process to launch your offers that leaves you empowered, calm and collected.
  • You’ll be showing up on video with authority and authentically!
  • Never worry if you are going to fail because failure is a thing of the past.


01. Instant access

Instant access to a course hub filled with 12 modules focused on taking you to consistent clients and reciving consistent income.

Module 1: Show up and Get Paid Like a Boss Babe

Module 2: Being a Badass Boss Babe (Show up with authority)

Module 3: IG Inner Secrets (What you were never told about IG Stories and Selling out Your Offers)

Module 4: Conversations that Converts (How to get new clients in DMS)

Module 5: Having Your Cake and Eating it too (Inner Secrets to Actualize everything you are asking for with ease)

Module 6:
Sexy Marketing: Build Trust, Warming your Ideal Clients without being salesy

Module 7: Business & Pleasure (Joy and Play to create more than enough income, more than enough clients

Module 8: Sytems that Generate Money for you while you sleep (Email marketing, Effective Landing Pages)

Module 9: Get out of Your Head and Into Your Body (Generative Creation)

Module 10: Strategic Launch Strategy - Part 1

Module 11: Stategic Launch Strategy - Part 2

Module 12: Multple Revenue Streams (Receive revenue from multiple sources with total ease)

02: Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Our weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions are going to transform your reality.

These sessions will accelerate your business growth.

We laser focus on what you'd like to create and what's stopping you from receiving it with ease.

No more guessing or wondering why you are not receiving the success you'd like to create.

03. Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to all modules and all call recordings. You get to come back and revist topics for deep transformation.

Meet Priscilla!

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